Ranger Creek Ranch is one of the few Ranches in West Texas that offer free-range Aoudad Sheep Hunting. Our ranches in Knox County are located on mesas surrounded by cedar breaks and 200 feet deep canyons. This is perfect habitat for the Aoudad Sheep which come out of the canyons during the winter to feed on the small grain field mesa. These Aoudad Sheep have very keen eyesight which makes it a very challenging hunt. The hunter may either hunt out of a blind or spot n stalk.

At Ranger Creek Ranch, we have viewed Aoudad herds with animals numbering as large as 60 per group. Among these herd animals are several trophy-size and state record rams. Several aoudad that have been harvested on the ranch have scored in the SCI record book.

The Ranger Creek Ranch Aoudad herd is heavily managed and only a select few Aoudad Hunts are offered each year.

All inclusive Package includes 4 Nights of Lodging, meals, 3 Full Days of Guided Hunting $2500 per person plus a $2500 kill fee.

Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting (Type 157): $48
Legal for any period of 5 consecutive days (valid hunting dates will be printed on the license when issued). Valid to hunt: Exotic animals, all legal game birds (except turkeys), all nongame animals, squirrel, javelina
and alligator (not valid for other game animals, NOT VALID FOR DEER). Stamp endorsement requirements apply.

Scott’s Aoudad Ram Story

Scott, a hunter from Indiana, had been to Ranger Creek Ranch on several different hog hunts with his buddies. During one of his hunts he saw Aoudad sheep for the first time and became intrigued with them.
He decided that he would like to go for one of them, knowing that they were absolutely free-range animals here and Ranger Creek is one of the few ranches that have them around. His first try didn’t go very well, the conditions were hot temperatures and VERY high winds. Before he left Scott asked me to keep an eye on the Aoudads and when they started coming back onto the wheat fields the following winter( 2009-2010) and if they had a good ram in the bunch to give him a call. The ‘09 deer season was busy and I kept getting reports from deer hunters that they were seeing Aoudad sheep. When I finally got a bit of a break from the deer hunting I had almost a week to scout the area. There was a group of about 13-15 animals coming out of the beautiful cedar breaks every morning and evening to graze on the new oat field and with them was always a magnificent Ram! I documented the activity for a few days and then gave Scott a call and let him know of my findings. He was ecstatic to hear this news and booked a hunt immediately. He left his home a few days later to drive all night. He arrived in the early morning hours and crashed on one of the lodge couches. He was still laying there when I got to the lodge in the morning but he woke up right away to talk about the Aoudads. Later that morning he was on his way to town to purchase his license and he decided to take a look for himself to see if they sheep were one the fields, they were! That afternoon after him and I made a plan for him to go with he headed out to the field. When he got there he was slowly stalking around the west side, (very carefully, he knows what kind of incredible eyesight these animals have. ) trying to get into position to intercept them when they come out to feed. All of a sudden there was a good Ram on the field, within shooting distance,! it didn’t look quite like the one he had seen in the morning so he thought about it and then let it go. Scott made it to the spot he knew he had to be and it wasn’t long when the rest of the herd came over the rim and, sure enough, the really big ram was with them ! So the rest of the story is that after one well-placed shot Scott had an Aoudad Ram that scored 139 4/8, easily making it into the book….And it was 100% fair chase, free range! What a trophy! We are very limited on how many Aoudad hunts we can book, first they have to be coming up out of the canyon and there has to be a mature ram in the group. What this has forced us to do is to have a “call-list”. So when conditions are met we call the next on list, So, get on the list, make your memories.